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Modern pipeline systems from Matline

The Matline company specializes in complex delivery of bathroom fixtures, materials for utility plants and equipment. Unlike many of our competitors, Matline warehouse in St. Petersburg holds the largest in-stock inventory of plumbing products in the city of St. Petersburg. Our delivery tracks and experienced drivers will ensure secure and undamaged delivery of your order anywhere in Russia and beyond.

Matline is the official representative of many famous European and Russian production plants.

The company promotes the most progressive and intelligent construction technologies on the Russian market. We offer a wide variety of products, material and equipment from economy class to elite models.

Pipes and fittings for outer water supply, canalization and drainage:

  • polyethylene (PE) pipes for pressure water supply ( group Russia),
  • corrugate two-layered pipes and fittings for canalization Italiana Corrugati, X-Stream PPR ( Netherlands),
  • PVC canalization pipes and fittings,
  • plastic chambers, Russia,
  • PP Compression Fittings for jointing PE pressure pipes without welding,
  • drainage and sewer systems in PVC and PP,
  • inspection chambers and manholes for the different rainwater-, sewer- and drainage systems (the chambers and manholes are manufactured from PVC, PE and PP).

Matline has supplied materials and equipment for the following construction projects:

  • Oil- loading terminal (Primorsk city)
  • Olympiad construction in Sochi in 2014
  • Nissan plant (Saint-Petersburg)
  • Business-centers of classes A,B "LANGENZIPEN", "Benois", "Т4", "Evrica"(Saint-Petersburg)
  • store chain "PEREKRESTOK", "OBI"(Saint-Petersburg)

We sincerely hope that our expertise and many years of experience in supplying projects across Russia as well as our status of a direct distributor would help your organization with construction, renovation and improvement projects.

Thank you,